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Yacht Photographer/Model Meet and Shoot


Photo by Kamau Brothers

We are constantly looking for opportunities to get together to have model/photography meetups.  In this case it just so happened a yacht became available and we had to make the most of it.  We were lucky enough to collaborate  with some very talented photographers, makeup artists and very beautiful models.    

I encourage you to check out each person's portfolio and inquire for their services as they are all very talented.

These photos were taken by the following photographers:

Nicole Rubino with Cherish Reflections Photography (

She is also the space coast's best boudoir photographer.  Find her work at Boudoir by Nicole Michelle (

Kamau Brothers (  He is one the best up and coming stars of the area.  Most of the behind the scenes work are from him.  Contact him for photo and video needs.

Ray Jackson (   A very raw talent and artistic eye for some striking images.\

Marcus Cooper (   Excellent photographer especially in the realm of lighting.   His images captivating.

The makeup artists responsible for enhancing the models natural beauty are:

Cara with Bella Pelle by Cara (   She is an amazingly talented Makeup artist and licensed esthetician who offers a range of services from makeup to microdermabrasion, and much more.   contact her for details.

Doris Sweets (   An extremely talented artist who can work with any skin tone and make your models look good for any look you are going for.

The models are

Janessa Fair (

Gabby Lucas

DeeDee Jean (

Yanessa Rodriguez (

Jordyn Warren (

Tatiana (

Lauren Carter

Enjoy These Photos!

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